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There is a total of 23 books written by the authors Bodie and Brock Thoene in the Zion series. The Zion Chronicles series consists of 5 novels and the remaining 3 novels are written under the Zion Diaries series. In all the series of the Zion series, the State of Israel is shown as a region of political importance after the Second World War an every other nation is trying to proclaim it. The British try to proclaim the State of Israel by handing over the keys to the Zion Gate and making the Muslim and Jewish troops to indulge into a battle for gaining prominence over the other.

With the political wars going on outside of Jerusalem, the patriots of the country try to maintain the legacy of the Old City of Jerusalem by breaking in through the Zion Gate. One such patriot of Jerusalem is Moshe Sachar, who is a strategist and a professor in the Haganah group and is required to keep his movement active in order to preserve the patriotic city of Jerusalem from getting destroyed at the hands of the British army.

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The first novel of the Zion Diaries series was published in the year by the Summerside Press publishing house. The plot of the novel is set in Germany and revolves around the life of the main character named Lorelei Kepler, who is the daughter of a German resistance leader during the reign of Adolf Hitler over Germany. Lorelei has always been on the run from the German forces, who try to capture her in order to stop the resistance of his father against the Nazi forces of Germany.

As a result, Lorelei is required to flee fro her beloved motherland Germany and move to some place safe where the Nazis of Germany will not be able to find her. However, it does not seem that any place is safe from the reach of the evil hands of the leader of the Nazi forces, Adolf Hitler.

The Return to Zion

Still, Lorelei keeps trying to protect herself from the Nazis and keeps changing places. During one such attempt, she comes across the devastated child refugees, who have given away everything for safeguarding the lives of their families and themselves from the Nazi forces of Adolf Hitler. The refugees seem to be in desperate need of help from someone who could take them to a safer place away from the atrocities of the Nazi forces. Lorelei also meets a mysterious man who seems to be hiding an age old secret.

She seems to get attracted towards the man and slowly develops a romantic relationship with him. The novel became a huge hit because of the romance, love, passion and danger of life depicted in it by the authors Bodie and Brock Thoene.

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The success of the first novel of the series helped it to become one of the most anticipated series in the last 20 years. The novel very well continues with the legacy of the Zion series from the previous 3 generations, the Zion Chronicles series, the Zion Covenant series and the Zion Legacy series. The authors Bodie and Brock Thoene have depicted the interesting, intriguing and inspiring lives of the characters of the novel very well, who show intense love and care for one another. Their depiction of fighting against the wrong and opposing the brutal forces of the Nazis is done very well by the authors.

The authors have shown that era of time when the rising power of Adolf Hitler was opposed by many patriots during the dark days of the Second World War.

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It was published by the Summerside Press publishing house in the year The plot of this novel is also set in Germany during the time of the Second World War, when Adolf Hitler had started to gain power over the devastated lands of Germany. The novel deals with the romance between the main characters Elisa Lindheim Murphy and John Murphy, as well as the hardships faced by them during the reign of Adolf Hitler in Europe in the s.

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  • Elisa Lindheim Murphy is introduced as a famous Jewish concert violinist, while her husband John Murphy is introduced as an American newsman. The plot of the novel opens up with showing the increasing dominance of the evil Nazi forces, who tried to tighten their net of dark forces all over Europe in the year Sensing the time to be full of hardships, Elisa Lindheim Murphy decides to escape to England from her hometown Vienna.

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