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Mr Dewji served as a ruling party MP for a decade until He told the BBC in a interview that this possibly made it easier for him to meet top politicians, but it did not give him an unfair advantage, as other businessmen also had access to them. Environment Minister January Makamba, a friend of Mr Dewji, tweeted that he had spoken to Mr Dewji's father and the family confirmed that he had been kidnapped.

Mohammed Dewji has huge celebrity status in Tanzania. You would be hard pressed to find a person in Dar es Salaam who did not know of Mohammed or the Dewji family and he would often draw large crowds at public events. But despite his wealth and fame he has always been incredibly relaxed in his approach to security - in fact all the Dewji family were.

He never moved with security guards or bouncers and would often pop out to the gym on his lunch break or to meet friends after work unaccompanied. In his day to day life he didn't look like a billionaire - he was a friendly, affable young man going about his business.

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The kidnappers fired shots in the air before driving away with the billionaire, eyewitnesses said. Mr Dewji, a fitness enthusiast, had no security guards with him and had driven to the gym on his own, Dar es Salaam regional police commissioner Paul Makonda told reporters. Security personnel across Tanzania have been put on high alert in the hunt for the abductors, police said.

The city's name comes from Arabic, and literally means Abode of Peace.

Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard

Although Tanzania has seen a wave attacks and abductions of opposition politicians and perceived government critics, this is the first time a businessman of Mr Dewji's standing has been kidnapped in the country. Businessmen have never felt at risk of being kidnapped and they often move around on their own. Some may have chauffeurs, but not bodyguards.

So Mr Dewji's abduction has come as a huge shock.

Mohammed Dewji: Africa's 'youngest billionaire' abducted in Tanzania - BBC News

Mohammed Dewji: Africa's 'youngest billionaire' abducted in Tanzania 11 October Her name is Norkuz, and it turns out she has been kidnapped from her home about a mile away. Fatima had prepared Petr for this scene, telling him that the custom of bride kidnapping is shocking, but he is still stunned by what he is seeing.

As the women of the groom's family surround Norkuz and hold down both of her hands, they are at once forceful and comforting, informing her that they, too, were kidnapped. The kidnappers insist that they negotiated the abduction with Norkuz's brother, but her sister, a lawyer from Osh, arrives to protest that her sister is being forced to marry a stranger. Ideally in Kyrgyz circles, a bride's family gets a price for their daughter, but Norkuz is 25 -- considered late to marry -- and the women remind her she is lucky she was kidnapped at all.

Within the space of an hour, Norkuz struggles less, looking exhausted but laughing along with the women who have placed a scarf on her head. Tradition dicates that once the bride accepts the ceremonial scarf, the matter is settled and the wedding can commence. Norkuz relents. A few days later Petr and Fatima return to see how Norkuz and her new husband are doing. You start loving, even if you don't want to.

You have to build a life. Now they use cars, and if a villager doesn't have a car, he hires a taxi for the day. During Soviet times, bride kidnapping was banned, but in the past decade, the old tradition has revived, especially in rural areas. Jumankul, 19, is under pressure from his parents to marry and bring home a wife who can help work on the family farm.

Jumankul tells Petr and Fatima that he's seen a girl in Osh whom he likes and plans to drive to the city in a few hours to kidnap her.

Nelson Rockefeller's son went missing in a remote part of the Netherlands New Guinea.

But when they get to Osh, Jumankul can't find the girl. The group drops by a vodka stand to try to find out where she lives, but the girl working there suspects a kidnapping and refuses to tell Jumankul's brother, Ulan, the address of the girl.

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Not wanting to return home empty-handed, Jumankul and his friends decide to change plans and kidnap the girl in the vodka bar. Her name is Ainagul, and by the time Petr and Fatima return to Jumankul's village outside of Osh, she has been resisting a room full of women for more than ten hours.

Dash Cam Video Shows Tekashi 6ix9ine's Kidnapping, Snitching Continues - TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Though Jumankul's older brother claims her family has already agreed to the kidnapping, Ainagul stands in a corner of the room, crying, and continuing to fend off the women who take turns trying to put the wedding scarf on her head. After the oldest woman in the village makes a final attempt, telling Ainagul to stay or she will be unhappy, the women give up. Her ordeal over, Ainagul is free to go. Once she has left, the women sit outside Jumankul's home and curse the departed girl. They say that her child will be a drunk and that her mother-in-law will be cruel. Jumankul, too, is upset and worries that he will never find a bride who will stay.

Petr and Fatima catch up with Ainagul two weeks later in Osh, where she is living with relatives. She is still shaken from the experience, looking down while she speaks.

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