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Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. View eBook. The Atlantis Prophecy. Thomas Greanias. The markings were bizarre by any measure, and yet familiar all the same. Four years ago in Antarctica Conrad had come across a similar obelisk. Conrad stared at the tombstone, an uneasy feeling creeping up his spine.

It had to be a message from his father. Conrad's heart pounded as he caught Packard watching him. Other mourners were staring, too, watching him. Belatedly, Conrad recognized the faces of five senior Pentagon code breakers and two hostage negotiators among the gathering.

Then it dawned on him: This burial service wasn't meant for his father. And it wasn't meant for the DOD, to save face. It was meant for him.

It was all some kind of setup. They're gauging my reaction. Conrad felt a surge of fight-or-flight in his veins, but he kept a poker face for the rest of the service. Afterward, the funeral party dispersed, and a few tourists drifted down the hillside from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to watch from a distance as the horses clomped away with the empty caisson.

Only he and Packard were left at the grave, along with a younger man who looked vaguely familiar to Conrad. Among other things, DARPA took credit for inventing stealth technology, the global positioning system, and the Internet. DARPA's mission was to maintain America's technological superiority and to prevent any other power on earth from challenging that superiority.

That mission is what sent his father and, ultimately, Conrad to Antarctica four years ago.

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Conrad looked at Seavers and remembered now where he had seen the sandy locks, the dimpled jaw, and the piercing blue eyes before. Seavers, barely 30, was the Bill Gates of biotech and a fixture in business magazines. A few years ago Seavers had turned over his day job running his big pharma company, SeaGen, in order to devote himself to "a higher calling" by developing and distributing vaccines to fight disease in Third World countries. Now, it appeared, he had been called to public service. Seavers's iron grip as they shook hands felt like ice.

And his gaze conveyed all the warmth of a scientist in a white lab coat studying a microscopic specimen of bacteria at the bottom of a petri dish. Those astrological signs. The numbers. You're the world's foremost astro-archaeologist. But that's what he was these days, an archaeologist who used the astronomical alignments of pyramids, temples, and other ancient landmarks to date their construction and the civilizations that erected them.

His specialty hadn't made him rich yet.

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Conrad sighed. Secretary, this obelisk is probably another sick joke to send us around the world looking for clues that ultimately lead to a statue of Dad giving us all the finger. Why do you even care? If it involves him, it's vital to national security. Serghetti is the real expert on this sort of thing," Conrad said. And Sister Serghetti is an agent of a foreign power. And I expect you to report any attempt by her to reestablish contact with you.

Raising Atlantis

It had started to drizzle, and Conrad watched the pair march down the hill to the secret service detail, which welcomed them with two open umbrellas and escorted them to the convoy of limousines, town cars, and SUVs. Conrad counted nine vehicles parked on the narrow road. Before the funeral procession he had counted eight. One by one the cars left, until a single black limousine remained.

He was certain it wasn't the cab he called for.

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He'd give it another two minutes to show up before he walked down to the main gate and hailed another. Conrad studied the obelisk in the rain. He turned again toward the road and splashed toward the limousine to tell Packard's boys to take the day off. Conrad felt a strange electricity in the air even before he recognized beefy Benito behind the wheel. Then the window came down and he saw Serena Serghetti sitting in back. His blood jumped.

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The Atlantis Revelation: A thrilling mystery adventure

But when the statues are stolen and Eddie is falsely accused of murder, forcing him to go on the run to hunt the man responsible, a violent struggle erupts among a secret, vastly powerful group that wants to control Nina and the earth energy. From a glittering, high-tech skyscraper in Japan to a harrowing chase beneath the Vatican and an underground military vault in Nevada, she and Eddie must piece together an astounding puzzle.

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For Nina Wilde is the key to a plot that will change the world forever. And Eddie is the key to keeping her alive. Andy McDermott is a former journalist and movie critic who now writes novels full-time following the international success of his debut thriller, The Hunt for Atlantis, which has been sold around the world in more than twenty languages. He is… More about Andy McDermott. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also in Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase.