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Heubner, H. Wellesley, K. Furneaux, H.

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Pelham and C. Fisher, Oxford. Miller, N. Jackson, J. Woodman, A. Adams, J. DOI: Allen, W. Austin, R.

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Ball, L. Bartera, S. Barton, C. Bartsch, S. Beacham, R. Bert Lott, J. Betensky, A. Birley, A. Prominenzrollen und Karrierefelder im antiken Rom , Stuttgart. Bomgardner, D. Brunt, P. Burnand, C. Campbell, J.

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Tacitus: Annals I (Latin Texts) Tacitus: Bristol Classical Press

Potter ed. Elsner, J. Feldherr, A. Flaig, E. Ewald and C. Arnason and K. Raaflaub eds. Frazer, R. French, V. Gallia, A. Culture, Politics, and History under the Principate , Cambridge. Research and Teaching Introduction My work focuses on the cultural history of the Roman world, particularly Rome in the early principate, as well as aspects of its reception in later centuries.

Literary texts articulate, for instance, the preoccupation of upper-class Romans of the last days of the republic and the principate with suicide as a potentially noble course of action — but they also need to be seen as fuelling that preoccupation, perhaps even playing a contributory role in the decision of some individuals to take their own lives. I am interested in the ways in which conceptions of gender and other aspects of personal and social identity operate through, and are inflected by, language.

Fitzgerald and E. Bartsch, K. Freudenburg, C.

Audiobook: Germania by Publius Cornelius Tacitus - Audio Books Classic 2

Bartsch and A. Damschen and A.

Professor Catharine Edwards

Saunders et al. Bartsch and D. Hardwick and C. Rome the Cosmopolis Response to S. This is the second paperback edition, incorporating corrections and an up-to-date bibliography. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Bristol Classical , London, Condition: New.

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