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Jackson The Reverend H. Bryant The Reverend C. Powell The Reverend J. Charleston The Reverend Fred A.

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Alston The Reverend A. Townsend The Reverend B. Hughes The Reverend J. John H. Lewis, Dean and Pi'ofessor of Homiletics A. Henderson S. Davis, Professor of Systematic Theology A. John W. Collier, Jr. Wilberforce University, ; B. Jefferson W. Henderson, Instructor in Church History B. Edward J. Odom, Jr. John E. Hunter, Instructor in Religious Education B.

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Edward A. Scott, Instructor in Social Ethics B. Urnestine B. Lewis, Registrar and Secretary to the Dean A. Bishop Reverdy C. Ransom, A. Charles R. Wayman Ward, A. Gaston Foote, A. Historical Statement Payne Theological Seminary represents the outgrowth and development of one of the original objectives of Wilberforce University from its inception, namely the preparation of rum and women for the various types of Christian service. The first class, graduated in , consisted of three young minis- ters.

As time passed, and as the objectives of education became more clearly defined, so, also, the problems of expansion be- came clearer and more imperative: 1 the growth and de- velopment of the college department, 2 the separation of the departments for greater efficiency, and 3 the enlistment of state aid. State aid was not and is not granted to colleges and uni- versities giving ministerial or sectarian training.

It was there- fore to the advantage of the college, as well as to the best in- terest of the cause for ministerial training, to establish a separate institution, under the control of a separate and dis- tinct board of directors. Ar- nett, who interested the Rev. John G. Mitchell and his wife, Fannie in the plan and secured their estate as a site for the school. The Rev.

James A. Handy, Professor A. Shorter, Bishop W. Gaines, Bishops A. Grant, and B. Lee were as- sociated with him in this venture.

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A separate charter was granted by the state of Ohio, June 19, , and the Theological Seminary became an independent institution. AIMS Its principle aims are to produce and train intelligent leadership in the Christian church ; to instruct students in the philosophies and principles of the great religious leaders throughout the ages; to inspire in students of religion and theology a sense of responsibility for ministering to the relig- ous and social needs and hopes of individuals and communities ; to promote and seek to maintain a high code of ethics through the promulgation of Christian ideals and precepts.

While Payne Theological Seminary is directed and sup- ported by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, it has never been sectarian in any sense of the term. Students of all Protestant denominations are received and welcomed. Its easy access to the Uni- versity affords every opportunity for its students to partici- pate in campus activities. All University courses are open to Seminary students without extra charge.

Many Payne men are able to earn the degrees of B. Women are are admitted on the same basis as men.

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  4. Ap- plications should be filed on or before September 1. Transcripts of high school and college work, and letters of recommendation from school and church officials should be submitted by the applicant.

    Students are classified as follows : I. Regular Students : a Graduates of a standard college who are candi- dates for the Bachelor of Divinity Degree. Special Students: A limited number of special students may be admitted at 9 the discretion of the faculty. These may include: a Experienced ministers wishing to take refresher or special courses but not working toward a de- gree.

    Late registration may be permitted by the Dean of the Seminary, but involves the pay- ment of an extra fee of one dollar. After the beginning of the quarter no changes in courses will be permitted without special permission of the Dean. In no case is the academic load to exceed twenty hours. The churches of these centers cooperate with our faculty in providing a student with opportunities for work under faculty supervision.

    Our more advanced students are assigned as assistants to regular pastors in the larger churches, and in smaller communities they serve as regular pastors.

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    All expenses involved are borne by the churches served. In some instances the students receive salaries sufficient to cover most of their expenses in the seminary. The Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church serving in this dis- trict have always reserved certain of these churches for our students. Payne Seminary has never been sectarian in any sense. A special field work committee has been appointed to direct this work. The plan is to place every student under some re- sponsible church leader during the summer vacation, after which a detailed report is made to the committee.

    Before the end of that quart ery the student, with the assistant of the Dean and the Committee on Student Employment, should find a way to take care of him- self thereafter. There are many types of work on the campus and around Xenia affording opportunities for self help. Mitchell Literary Society. This organi- zation has for its aims the cultivation of the art of effective speaking and of parliamentary abilities essential to the success of a minister.

    All seminary students are eligible for member- ship. Meetings are held twice each month. In this, as in other features of the uni- versity life, the students of the Seminary are urged to identify themselves with the life of the student group.

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