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Joe: Retaliation with the U. President not exactly being rational , the Joes' mission consists of not only clearing their names, but driving Cobra out of the White House. An Innocent Man is about this, not surprisingly, with the titular innocent man having to clear his name after he's framed by two Dirty Cops though he kills another inmate in prison. Persecuted is about a preacher being framed for murder.

Welcome to the Punch The female detective who's the partner of the Cowboy Cop protagonist is choked to death by a Professional Killer after she uncovers crucial evidence. Her body is then stripped and planted in the protagonist's bedroom they weren't lovers, but their relationship was close enough to appear otherwise. The cop gets his revenge on the killer, but the movie ends with him being arrested, so it's never revealed if he's cleared of the murder.

Non-Stop : Air Marshal Bill Marks has to catch a killer to prove that he's not actually the one hijacking the plane. In Tell No One , Alexandre has to clear his name after he's accused of murdering a friend of his late wife's, and is also a suspect in the murders of two people associated with the murder of his late wife. Instead of surrendering to police custody, he flees from his office and teams up with a gangster to try and clear his name. The David Mitchell and Robert Webb movie Magicians plays with this trope a bit, in that the suspect, a magician who's wife is decapitated when a magic trick involving a guillotine goes wrong, is actually cleared by a coroner's court of murder and technically doesn't have to prove his innocence.

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However, since the circumstances that led to the accidental beheading involved the magician discovering his wife sleeping with his best friend and partner and there's no clear proof that exonerates him, he nevertheless has to live with the suspicion of everyone around him regardless. The climax of the film involves him not so much proving his innocence as convincing his now-former best friend that he's not the sort of man who is capable of committing a murder. It turns out that he isn't after all.

Cruel and Unusual : Edgar is certain he didn't murder his wife, and that there has been some mistake, desperately trying to convince the authorities in the afterlife of this. In The Ex-Mrs. Bradford , William Powell must solve a murder because one of the victims was found in his apartment , and the police believe him to be the prime suspect because of this. Where the Sidewalk Ends : Triggs is accused of murdering his son-in-law, but we all know that Mark did it. Unable to confess the crime, Mark tries to find him a good liar and dissuade his superiors form thinking of Triggs as a suspect.

It doesn't work, however. In Tumbleweed , Jim Harvey has to prove that he is not a coward or a collaborator after the wagon train he was guiding is wiped out while he was being held prisoner by the Yaquis. Happens to Dmitri in The Brothers Karamazov.

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He doesn't end up clearing his name, however, and the main characters are hatching a plan for an escape attempt out of prison as the novel ends. In Dan Abnett 's Eisenhorn novel Malleus revolved about Eisenhorn's revealing that another inquisitor had really gone rogue, and framed him for it. Cherubael, who set it up , was shocked that Eisenhorn was annoyed by it.

In Sophie Kinsella's book "Undomestic Goddess" the main character Samantha makes a mistake that causes her client to lose 50 million pounds. Actually, Arnold is trying to scam the company and put the article on Samantha's desk after the deadline to frame her and get her fired.

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Samantha then has to gain evidence that she didn't do anything wrong In the Spellman Files novel The Spellmans Strike Again, sisters Rae and Isabelle both try to clear wrongfully convicted prisoners. This results in many people wearing tee shirts reading "Free Schmidt".

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At the climax of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , it's revealed Sirius Black, the "dangerous" fugitive, was actually following a clue to the whereabouts of Peter Pettigrew, who framed him. Sirius ended up being a case of Acquitted Too Late. This forms the basis for the plot of the Agent Pendergast novels Dance of Death and Book of the Dead , as Aloysius Pendergast is set up by his brother for several killings as part of said brother's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.

Gawan's plot in Parzival concerns him proving his innocence in order not to fight a duel. In Last Sacrifice , Rose is framed for the murder of Queen Tatiana and spends the brunt of the book as a fugitive on the run. In Rock of Ages by Walter Jon Williams , Drake Maijstral is a Gentleman Thief who would never steal from his friends, but when he visits friends on Earth, someone seems determined to frame him for doing just that, and he has to find out who before he's forced to fight a series of duels with people he likes—most of whom are better at dueling than he is.

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SweetFreak by Sophie McKenzie is about a teenager who has been framed for cyberbullying. Though she protests her innocence, the evidence against her is so strong that even her own mother won't believe her, resulting in a string of unjust punishments both at home and at school. Eventually, however, her name is cleared and she is able to start rebuilding her life. John Buchan: In The Thirty-Nine Steps , Richard Hannay meets a secret agent who passes on a warning about a foreign spy ring and then gets murdered by the spies in a way that makes Hannay the obvious suspect.

Hannay spends most of the novel on the run from the police, who think he did the murder, and the spies, who want him dead before he can tell anybody the truth.

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In Mr Standfast , a sequel, Hannay goes undercover as a visiting colonial named Brand to investigate a spy ring, but after the bad guys rumble him they turn the tables by denouncing Brand to the police as a suspected spy, leading to him once more finding himself on the run. A recurring background plot point in The Dresden Files is that no one in the White Council really trusts Harry because he supposedly used magic to kill his uncle.

Subverted in that Harry totally did that , but because the law is black and white, the fact that he did it in self-defense is immaterial: killing someone with magic is bad, no matter what the reason is. Harry basically spends the entire series trying to prove that he's not a psycho wizard to everyone else.

Never a Hero to Me: An innocent girl, a father's sins, and the men who closed ranks against her

Live-Action TV. A plot point in 24 has Jack Bauer on the run from the FBI, after a Starkwood assassin frames him for the murders of 2 government officials.

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And further complicating matters? Jack ends up killing the assassin in self defense before he can get himself cleared. With a bulldozer. And an armor-piercing screwdriver. And since that still wasn't enough Jack-Bauer-level-badassness, he takes the screwdriver from the body, inserts said screwdriver into a pickup truck's ignition, starts it up, and drives away.

Damn, Jack.

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The sad thing? The next episode after Jack is set up almost immediately drops this whole plot when the FBI discovers the Starkwood conspiracy and realizes that Jack is being framed, which makes you wonder, "why the hell did they even bother? The premise of The A-Team has a variation; they actually did commit the crime they're wanted for, but it was part of a secret military operation that wasn't criminal in this context.

Unfortunately, their commander died shortly thereafter without explaining this to anyone A smaller version occurs in the episode " Showdown ". The A-Team find out about a set of imposters posing as them leaning on a wild west show when a newspaper runs a scathing article on it. Of course, they can't let everyone think that they're a group of hired guns who will attack innocent people, so they go to the wild west show to defeat the imposters and prove their innocence.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Strangely, the plot was Brisco, a known bounty hunter, being accused of killing a man who had a bounty on his head.

Since killing wanted criminals is basically the job description of a bounty hunter in the Old West, would he have actually been committing a crime even if he had done it? In Angel Harmony's Day in the Limelight focuses on her attempt to find evidence that she didn't murder the ambassador to a pair of warring demon tribes. However no one actually accuses her, she just realizes it's going to happen and takes preemptive action as a result of him showing up dead in her bed with his blood drained.

Though it should be noted that in the beginning she wasn't sure herself whether or not she was innocent and every attempt at clearing her name made her situation worse. Black Saddle : In "Client: Tagger", Culhane is arrested for committing a murder he was trying to prevent. He has to break out of jail and locate the elusive Tagger to prove his innocence. On Bones , Booth has to do this after a guy he was seen arguing with at a hockey game turns up dead. More recently, Brennan was framed by murderous computer hacker Pelant for killing a friend of hers, which included hacking into a security camera to make it look like she was lying about her alibi, breaking into her car to plant DNA evidence, and hacking into her and a prosecutor's bank accounts to make it look like Bones had paid her off.

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All of this forced Bones to take daughter Christine and become a fugitive before she could clear herself of murder charges. The entire premise of Burn Notice for the first few seasons is Michael trying to clear his name and find out why he was burned. In "Veritas", Beckett is the prime suspect in the murder of Vulcan Simmons, a criminal who had nearly killed Beckett in the previous episode "In the Belly of the Beast" and was also involved in the conspiracy behind her mother's murder. By the end of the episode, she manages to both clear her name and find the evidence needed to bring down the man who ordered her mother killed, Senator Bracken.