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Books in English Dale Brown. Military Books Dale Brown. This item doesn't belong on this page. So Procter is know as the godfather of the pill mill because others learned it from him.

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The book also covers how the healthcare system inadvertently incentivized opioid pill-pushing, because physicians were being pressured to see more patients and spend less time with each one. Quinones: These pills were billed as a boon to doctors -- a tool that all of a sudden [solved] all your problem with chronic pain. It actually ended up being a huge curse for doctors. It made them lazy sometimes.

It made them corrupt. And all of a sudden [physicians] were violating laws that maybe you didn't think you were violating. And it made the patients more insistent than ever. You got to the point where you almost had to be an over-prescriber or a non-prescriber.

It was very hard to walk that middle line, and I feel for doctors who've tried it. Big Pharma takes some blame for its questionable marketing and the surge in opioid prescriptions. Do you see parallels between pharma's tactics, and those of the Xalisco Boys who brought heroin to the U.

Dale Brown's Dreamland: Dreamland by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice (2002, Paperback)

Quinones: They both were about solving an essential problem for their customers. For pharma, that meant doctors. Doctors were asking 'What are we going to do with all of these pain patients taking up all our time? One in the morning. One at night. You don't feel that pain anymore.

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It was promoted as 'the one to start with and to stay with. The Xalisco Boys were providing a solution to the addict, whose biggest problem was 'Where do I find my dope every day? They branded it in these little balloons with a tenth of a gram dose of heroin.

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Just like you know what's in every can of Coke you buy, same with them. These [Xalisco Boys] were always giving it away free. You get out of jail, they give you free dope.

Dreamland-The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic CSPAN program

You like it, you give a call back. These were not drug traffickers who were interested in shooting it out. They were using branding, marketing and customer service. That's pretty much exactly what pharma did.

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Knowing, I suppose, that what they were saying about that drug was not true: it was not virtually non-addictive. Some media reports have suggested that as physicians have become more strict with their opioid prescriptions, more addicts have turned to heroin. Is that what you found in your reporting?

Quinones: People were transitioning from pills to heroin long before they began began shutting down the supplies. It's a natural progression. The [prescription] pills are really expensive on the street and, at a certain point, don't give you the boost that heroin would give you. So people would switch to heroin. The first guys that I encountered had done it in and What responsibility do healthcare providers have for the opioid crisis, and how can they help to resolve it?

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Quinones: I feel for doctors. They were in a very difficult place. If they didn't give people these pills, then people might be in horrible pain, and if they did, they might risk addiction.