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You will also have access to participate in our live two-day events throughout the United States. Headed by two prominent figures and leaders in the Body of Christ and the prophetic, Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan and Bishop George Bloomer, the Prophetic College seeks to bring together prophets from all over the world to share and discuss the mind of God and the advancement of His Kingdom through the prophetic and the gift of prophecy.

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Together, they have over 80 years of prophetic experience and have ministered to tens of thousands of people through their prophetic messages from the Holy Spirit and through their published books and training materials. This e-course is not only for prophets, but it is open to both men and women who are seeking the truth of God and further understanding of prophecy, the prophetic word and the prophetic ministry. Prophetic Fundamentals: Notes on Prophecy, examines the prophetic ministry, takes you through the journey of learning about the prophetic ministry, answering your prophetic calling and honing your prophetic gifts.

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What is the School of the Prophets? Understanding your prophetic gift and how to function in leadership Differentiating the characteristics of true and false prophets Understanding the Biblical context of being a messenger of God Understanding the commitment that God has given to you as a prophet Knowing the difference between the gift and the mission Expanding the reach of your ministry by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the four walls of the church.

Ministry of the Prophet

History of the School of Prophets It has been proven that since the Old Testament, prophets aimed to train others with knowledge and wisdom from the word of God. In the Old Testament, we see that the Prophet Samuel had the gift of prophecy. As a prophet, priest, and judge, he was known to be the leading prophet of his time. There is evidence in the Bible that Prophet Samuel was responsible for the school of prophets. It commenced when he anointed Saul to be the first King. God wants passionate people.

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He wants people to long for Him and to be thirsty of His presence. Bernard Jordan and Bishop George Bloomer were chosen to continue the training and development of the prophets and provide a space for mentorship and accountability accountability by forming The Prophetic College. Their passion and love for God are shown throughout their extensive work in ministry and in the Body of Christ all over the world.. Archbishop Jordan and Bishop Bloomer are dedicated to the training, development, mentorship and accountability the prophets of this generation.

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Their mission is to continue to share their passion and love for Jesus Christ with others and help prophets all over the world understand their true calling and function in integrity and divine order. With over 30 years of prophetic ministry, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan has spoken into the lives of thousands. Prophet Jermaine does not believe in Denominations but in essence he stands for the Unity of all Believers and the Restoration of The Church to its Fullness of stature in Christ.

Ministry of the Holy Prophet

Jermaine Wallace is the Visionary Leader and Sr. Prophet of this Powerful Prophetic and Healing Ministry. Thank you for visiting the Online Ministry of The Prophet. Prophet Jermaine honors you all so much. He would like to give special thanks to his Present Mentor for believing in and supporting his vision. The Lord says to you, as GOD himself has led you to this Prophetic portal you will now receive the Download that you need, the strategy that you need, the wealth that you need, the insight that you need. The Prophetic Realms have shifted you to a new Spiritual conciousness as you connect with the assignment of Prophet Jermaine. A day where you shall be preserved and nothing will be able to come against you. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Ministry Background.

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