Guide Housing and Social Change: EastWest Perspectives (Housing and Society Series)

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Leuven, Belgium, , 41 pp. Oxford, UK, Elsevier, , 20 6 : Columbia, USA, V. Researcher : Salahuddin S.

Open Research Online Items Authored or Edited by Sophie Watson - Open Research Online

To evaluate the impact of transport policy on its economic development and well-being with reference to Hong Kong and Singapore. Cullinane K. UK, Routledge, , 35 3 : Network Economics Consulting Group, , 3 2 : Song D. Aldershot, UK, Ashgate Publishing, , Wang T. Yeo K. Song P. Wang X. To highlight best practice with regard to eco-tourism development and destination management and to point towards successful strategies for the development of a tourist industry more in keeping with principles of sustainable development.

UK, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Oxford, U. To examine the use of care-based reasoning in overcoming the difficulties in applying expert system to urban planning. Planning support system is the forefront of research on the application of information technology in urban planning. Case-based reasoning and its associated case-based system have the potential to be an important component of the planning support system. A case-based system for the processing of planning applications will be developed to examine the implementation and utility of case-based resoning in urban planning.

To find out who are the people who would like to live in the high floors of super tall residential housing; their reasons for doing so; the problems and worries that they are facing; and housing design that can be improved to make their living more comfortable. To identify and assess the errors and uncertainties of cellular automata CA in simulating complex urban systems; to explore methods to reduce errors and uncertainties as much as possible using fuzzy sets and neural networks.

Professor Ya Ping Wang

To examine the following questions related to the design and living of super high rise residential housing: 1 Who are the people who would like to live in the high floors of super high rise housing? Why do they live in the high floors of super high rise housing? Is there a difference in living style compared with those not living in the high floors of super high rise houseing? Reflections on mobilities.

In: Bridge, Gary and Watson, Sophie eds. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, pp. Reflections on affect. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. The Blackwell City Reader 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell. Introducing mobilities. Blackwell City Reader.

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  • Electrocoagulation-flotation ECF technology used in the treatment of wastewater containing variations.

Oxford: Blackwell, pp. Introducing materialities. In: Watson, Sophie ed. Introducing division and difference.

Housing and Social Change: East-West Perspectives

Blackwell City Reader 2nd revised edition. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd, pp. Introducing urban politics and urban cultures. Introducing urban politics and planning.

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Chichester: Blackwell, pp. The magic of the market place: Sociality in a neglected public space. Urban Studies , 46 8 pp. Performing religion: Migrants, the church and belonging in Marrickville, Sydney. Culture and Religion , 10 3 pp. Brief encounters of an unpredictable kind: Everyday multiculturalism in three London street markets. In: Wise, Amanda and Velayutham, Selvaraj eds. Everyday Multiculturalism. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. Urban Design , pp.

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Security: Sociology and social worlds. Security in the City. Security: Sociology and Social Worlds.

Abandoning the Monumental and Seeking the Serendipitous. In: Pagh, Christian and Verstaval, Ida eds. Changing Metropolis. Copenhagen, Denmark: VIA design. City publics: the dis enchantments of urban encounters. Questioning Cities. UK: Routledge. Watson, Sophie and Studdert, David Markets as sites for social interaction : spaces of diversity.

Bristol: Policy Press.

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space , 23 4 pp. Wells, Karen and Watson, Sophie A Politics of resentment: shopkeepers in a London neighbourhood.

Ethnic and Racial Studies , 28 2 pp. She is interested in developing a legal framework that enables refugees and marginalised people to successfully navigate postnormal times. She obtained her Ph. Her futures work on media, culture, arts, development, urban environment, science and technology in society and cross-cultural communication is based on critical theory and uses experimental, creative and participatory approaches.

The project started with ethnographic futures field research in 25 countries on five continents, and evolved over the next decade with recorded conversations on images of futures in various settings and contexts. Her work has been exhibited in a number of museums and art galleries. Shamim Miah, Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, University of Huddersfield, is a sociologist and expert on youth and identity. His research is concerned with the framing of race and religion in public policy and promoting futures literacy amongst young people.

Chris specialises in qualitative futures inquiry, including brainstorming and creativity, emerging issues analysis, scenario building, visioning, and strategic planning. His novel Fire and Ice explored the possibility of the collapse of Western civilization as we know it. He is currently writing and presenting on the convergence of Collapse and the Singularity. Wendy Schultz is an academically trained futurist with over thirty-five years of global foresight practice. Wendy specializes in participatory futures workshops with emphasis on participatory, exploratory, provocative, and creative processes.

She is a regular contributor to the European Islamophobia Report project and reports on issues regarding Muslims and Islam in Finland to the research platform Euro-Islam. The focus of her current research, at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute in Istanbul, is on Islamophobia as a lived experience among Finnish converts to Islam. She combines futures studies and postnormal times theory with her research on Islamophobia, the impact of anti- Muslim bigotry on an individual's identity construction, and issues of minorities in European societies.