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From the processional order and escorts to the general flow of the ceremony, you need to be the know-it-all to help keep the rest of the party informed and prepared.


During the ceremony, be prepared to assist the bride with her bouquet and make gown adjustments so that she is always looking her best. And last — be ready to pass out tissues! At the end of the night, make sure that any gifts, cards, or sentimental items are collected and kept safe.

Make sure she eats and drinks plenty of water, and above all else, offer emotional support as she takes the biggest step of her life. It also never hurts to offer to help!

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Of course, planning a knockout bachelor party is part of your duties as well. Photography by: Amber Kelley Photography. Much like the maid of honor, the best man should be prepared to step up on the big day. Start with making sure the groom is looking his very best. Iron the shirt, straighten the tie, shine the shoes, and have a plan if anything goes awry. The best man should also make sure he knows the agenda for the day. The groom may be nervous and you should be able to tell him what to expect and when to expect it. Keep an eye on the time and know when you need to be ready to head to the ceremony site, making sure no one leaves behind pocket squares, boutonnieres, or other items they will need for the day.

Along with the maid of honor, help to organize the order of the processional and make sure the other groomsmen know who they will be escorting. Very, very importantly, it is your duty as best man to have the rings ready for the ceremony.

Do not mess this part up. If you do nothing else all day, make sure you have the rings. And, finally, support the groom.

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Make sure he eats and drinks plenty of water before the ceremony and be genuine in your support to him. Photography by: Jorge Rodriguez Photography. This is your chance to give your best wishes to your best friend and their new spouse. Ultimately, the maid of honor and best man should work together to support the couple and make their entire wedding experience easy and enjoyable.

These two love-birds have entrusted you to stand beside them as they take the leap — be ready to give them every push and encouraging word they might need and, mostly, make sure they spend their day smiling. To the Maid of Honor The primary role of the maid of honor is to support the bride and the mother of the bride!

Photography During the Planning Process Throughout the planning process, you should work alongside the bride, helping to keep details organized and offering encouragement and support.

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On the Wedding Day On the day of the wedding, the maid of honor steps in to handle all the stress of the day so the bride can relax and enjoy! Photography by: Amber Kelley Photography On the Wedding Day Much like the maid of honor, the best man should be prepared to step up on the big day. If you dream of dining on pizza and ice cream sundaes at the reception, do it! She should assume all the duties generally assigned to a best man, including standing with the groomsmen during the ceremony, planning the bachelor party and walking in the processional alongside the maid or matron of honor.

Now when it comes to attending the bachelor party, let her decide. Does she feel more comfortable going for a guys night out or joining the bride and maids for the bachelorette party? She can do one, or both! Chances are, the best woman is best friends with the groom. Dress fittings, bridal showers and hair appointments with strangers might make her feel out of place.

As the best woman standing next to the groomsmen, your lady of honor has a few choices when it comes to formalwear. Choose accessories that coordinate with the groomsmen, or have her match the maid of honor if she is wearing something different than the bridesmaids. If your best woman prefers a dress, she can match the colors of the groomsmen, maid of honor or bridesmaids. Give people whatever labels you want. Talk to her about what title she likes and run with it.

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Take an extra moment to let the photographer know where your best woman should be placed — with the men or the women — when doing specific groupings. Finally, what if both the bride and the groom have someone special in mind to serve as the best man or best woman? If you do, consider having two maids of honor to balance the flow of the bridal party.

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If you want to give more than one person a prestigious title at your wedding, do it! Sit back, relax and put together the perfect tuxedos for the groom, groomsmen, and if she loves the tailored look of a tux, your best woman too! Style Advice. How to Choose the Right Tie June 25, How to Find a Suit that Fits July 29,