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Louridas Sotirios E. Emphasis is given in the discussion of a variety of methods, which play a significant role for the solution of problems in Euclidean Geometry. Before the complete solution of every problem, a key idea is presented so that the reader will be able to provide the solution. Applications of the basic geometrical methods which include analysis, synthesis, construction and proof are given.

Selected problems which have been given in mathematical olympiads or proposed in short lists in IMO's are discussed. In addition, a number of problems proposed by leading mathematicians in the subject are included here.

The book also contains new problems with their solutions. The scope of the publication of the present book is to teach mathematical thinking through Geometry and to provide inspiration for both students and teachers to formulate "positive" conjectures and provide solutions. I have endeavored to not merely provide the solution, but to explain how it comes from, and how a reader would think of it.

Euclidean Geometry in Mathematical Olympiads

Often a long commentary precedes the actual formal solution, and almost always this commentary is longer than the solution itself. The hope is to help the reader gain intuition and motivation, which are indispensable for problem solving. Finally, I have provided roughly a dozen practice problems at the end of each chapter. The hints are numbered and appear in random order in Appendix B, and several of the solutions in Appendix C.

I have also tried to include the sources of the problems, so that a diligent reader can find solutions online for example on the Art of Problem Solving forums, www.

Evan Chen 2016 Lemma 1.44 (Three Tangents)

A full listing of contest acronyms appears in Appendix D. The book is organized so that earlier chapters never require material from later chapters. However, many of the later chapters approximately commute. Also, Chapters 6 and 7 can be read in either order. Readers are encouraged to not be bureaucratic in their learning and move around as they see fit, e.

For your reference, we define them here. It is not obvious that these centers exist based on these definitions; we prove this in Chapter 3.

Problems and Solutions in Euclidean Geometry

For now, you should take their existence for granted. Meet the family! Clockwise from top left: the orthocenter H , centroid G, incenter I , and circumcenter O.

The triangle formed by the feet of these altitudes is called the orthic triangle. The triangle formed by the midpoints is called the medial triangle.

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It is also the center of a circle the incircle tangent to all three sides. The radius of the incircle is called the inradius. The radius of this circumcircle is called the circumradius. Other Notations and Conventions xv These four centers are shown in Figure 0. Next, define [P1P2.

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Pn] to be the area of the polygon P1P2.