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The Psychotherapy of Hip Hop: Freud's Dream Analysis, Music and Narrative Therapy

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The Psychotherapy of Hip Hop: Freud's Dream Analysis, Music and Narrative Therapy

CBT is the answer for you. So what is it? Does it really alleviate psychological distress, and if so, how? How much does it cost, and can you just use the techniques on your own?

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These kinds of details can be a mystery to the general public. CBT is one of scores of treatment methods used in psychotherapy. By intentionally shifting them toward healthier, more productive goals, we can alleviate distress. In practice, cognitive behavioral therapy generally consists of identifying the problematic thoughts and behaviors and replacing them with healthier responses.

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For example, say Jane Doe is anxious in social situations and has started to avoid gatherings in favor of isolating evenings at home. A CBT therapist may educate her about the fear response that is being irrationally triggered, teach her how to shift her thoughts and relax her body, and develop an action plan to help her remain calm while engaging in the party this weekend.

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CBT is used for anything from phobias, anxiety, depression , trauma, self-esteem issues, and ADHD , to relational problems like poor communication or unrealistic expectations of your partner. Is it right for you? Do your problems concern how you think and behave? For example, are you ruminating about a past breakup or finding yourself mindlessly shopping online? If so, then yes, you could probably benefit from CBT. If you are more concerned about your purpose or meaning in life, or about what moments from your past color who you are today, there may be other approaches that fit better for you and we'll get to that in question 9.

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One of the reasons CBT is so well-known and widely used is because it has been studied so extensively. It is a good modality to study because it emphasizes brief, direct, solution-oriented interventions. In other words, the aim is to produce clear, measurable changes in thoughts and behaviors, which is a goldmine for researchers. It also means you get to see quick results. I asked Martin Hsia, Psy. CBT is a form of psychotherapy, so you can expect the early sessions to be what you would see in any initial therapy sessions: discussing payment information and the cancellation policy, your goals for therapy, your history, and a review of your problems.

An action plan means they identify the problematic thoughts or behaviors, find a way to change them, and develop a strategy to implement this change in the coming week. CBT is focused on providing a quick 8 to 12 sessions, which is quick by therapy standards and effective reduction of symptoms, which is best done by applying the techniques throughout the week, not just during the therapy session.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Typical homework might include relaxation exercises, keeping a journal of thoughts and emotions throughout the week, using worksheets that target a specific area of growth, reading a book that applies to your issues, or seeking out situations to apply your new approach. Yes, there is a certain amount of research that suggests that it can be helpful in preventing a recurrence of depression, and it is seen as being helpful in counteracting the effects of stress.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Therapist Kati Morton - Kati Morton

I believe that Margaret Thatcher claimed to need only four hours sleep a night — perhaps if she'd had a few more hours she might have behaved a bit more compassionately. Insomnia seems to be becoming increasingly common, and good sleep hygiene healthy diet, regular exercise, comfortable bedroom, winding down in the evening and no caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or sleep medication plus a basic understanding of the nature of sleep recognising that we can never ever make ourselves sleep, and that the less we worry, and the more relaxed we are, the more likely we are to fall asleep can help us to return to a good regular sleep pattern.

Suzanne was very lucky to have been referred to a CBT insomnia programme there seem to be very few available — it is just a shame that she wasn't prepared to put in the effort required to benefit from it. The trick is to slip from the real world to the dream one, so lying there rigid with anxiety to achieve unconsciousness is never going to work.

Reading fiction, on the other hand, acts as a first breakaway from reality and gives the mind a first hold on the suppressed state of dream that is so firmly denied all day. Teenagers feel this need very acutely, being at that stage under the cosh to work "properly" at school and get the facts right, which is why they are compelled to spend all the time they can in a state of dozing half-sleep, letting their minds run free.

Anyone who has ever had a general anaesthetic will know the difference between natural sleep and that out-of-time gap of total unbeing.