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However, Alice is stopped by a policeman claiming that the road is closed because of an accident. Finch stops Alice from arguing with the cop, but as they drive away her anger takes over and she nearly runs them into a tree before swerving back, confused. They drive to a motel and spend the night.

When Alice wakes up, she is angry to learn that Finch listened to her talk in her sleep, but refuses to tell her what she said. Outside, they find their rental car filled with water and are forced to wait for a bus that will take them to Birch.

Finch finally tells her that she said the words feather, comb, and bone in her sleep. On the bus, after Finch falls asleep, Alice finds those items in her bag. When they reach Birch, Finch reveals that he made a promise to the people from the Hinterland in exchange for gaining access to the other world. Twice-Killed Katherine and another man approach them with the man grabbing Finch.

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Alice realizes that Katherine cannot harm her, and Katherine tells Alice that she will kill herself before morning. Katherine then takes her to a place called the Halfway Wood, and leaves. Alive wanders through the halfway wood where she accidently freezes the lake and convinces a monster from the lake to let her cross in exchange for the comb. A little while later, she finds a group of people who attack her, and she kills the leader with the bone that turns into a sword.

She leaves that behind and uses the feather to turn into wings and fly toward the Hazel Wood.

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When Alice enters the estate, she sees a younger Ella running around and stumbles upon a party where Finch is dancing with a woman that looks like her. After a man throws her out of the party, she finds a room with Althea inside. Althea tells Alice that the later is from the Hinterland, but Ella stole her. An unknown woman refuses to let Althea die until Alice is returned. Alice is then thrown out into the Hinterlands.

She runs into a man who is a refugee from earth.

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He gives her gloves and she leaves to find a fairy that will take her to a woman named Janet. Alice tells her about her journey with Finch, and accidentally tells Janet that she is part of a story.

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Janet explains that Althea convinced the Story Spinner - the ruler of the Hinterlands who creates the fairy tales - to return her to earth. When Ella removed Alice, the latter also became a pathway. Janet tells Alice to find the Spinner.

Alice leaves and finds a tavern where she tells stories of earth to refugees who have been missing for years. However, they all suddenly leave, and a woman introduces herself as the Story Spinner. She tells Alice that fairy tales are the lifeblood of the Hinterlands, and they continuously repeat. In order to truly escape the Hinterlands, she must make a new ending for her story and break the cycle. Although Alice does not know the ending, she agrees to follow the Spinner. The two bike to a castle where Alice finds many people frozen in time.

The Spinner explains that when Alice left, everyone else in her story was left frozen at the beginning of the novel. However, the Spinner then grabs Alice and begins telling her fairy tale, locking Alice back into the story of Alice Three-Times. Alice experiences her fairy tale from the first person, unable to remember anything before the Spinner put her back into it.

However, during the moment when she is going to kill the brothers, the younger one reveals himself to be the red-haired man and convinces Alice to remember her time on earth.

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The threads of the story try to repair the damage as Alice and the red-haired man try to escape. Finch and Janet arrives, the former revealing that he survived thanks to the refugees. They attempt to leave, when Alice sees the threads at the edge of her story. She begins telling a new story of a girl who set herself free, and opens a hole large enough that she, Janet, Finch, and the red-haired man can escape.

They find a refugee camp where Finch reveals that he will not be returning to earth with Alice. Amelia had the house to herself — ah! I know where she kept that packet she had — and can steal in and out of her chamber like Iachimo — like Iachimo? No — that is a bad part. I will only act Moonshine, and peep harmless into the bed where faith and beauty and innocence lie dreaming. But if Osborne's were short and soldierlike letters, it must be confessed, that were Miss Sedley's letters to Mr.

Osborne to be published, we should have to extend this novel to such a multiplicity of volumes as not the most sentimental reader could support; that she not only filled sheets of large paper, but crossed them with the most astonishing perverseness; that she wrote whole pages out of poetry-books without the least pity; that she underlined words and passages with quite a frantic emphasis; and, in fine, gave the usual tokens of her condition. She wasn't a heroine. Her letters were full of repetition.

She wrote rather doubtful grammar sometimes, and in her verses took all sorts of liberties with the metre. But oh, mesdames, if you are not allowed to touch the heart sometimes in spite of syntax, and are not to be loved until you all know the difference between trimeter and tetrameter, may all Poetry go to the deuce, and every schoolmaster perish miserably! Had he lived,. Cite this Literature Note. Sign In. Sign Up. CliffsNotes HMHco. Shakespeare Central 2. Teacher Resources 3.

Shakespeare Manga 4. Rebecca has been the one who jolted Amelia into recognition that George, her first love, wasn't worthy. Little Rawdon, upon the death of his uncle Pitt and his cousin Pitt, becomes the heir of Queen's Crawley. Little George, through the kindness of Dobbin, has lost his distorted values obtained in Vanity Fair. The reader feels that these young persons of the third generation will be better people than their predecessors in Vanity Fair. Next About Vanity Fair.

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