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This is true of teachers at higher levels through twelfth grade as well, but they are typically focused in a single subject area. Professors are also in the education field who are working at the college level with young adults. Professors usually have to have a minimum of a Master's degree, but often require a Doctorate in a given subject area or focus.

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College campuses can be brick and mortar or based online depending on the particular class and college. This may also open up the option of worldwide travel as a teacher in another country. School administrators also must have a background in education. At all levels, administration is required and is based on an education degree.

Career Paths in Teaching

Administrators may run day care centers, elementary schools, high schools, middle schools, be a dean at a college, or run an education program at a juvenile center or other institution. Education majors and school administrators may also become board members or consultants to businesses that aid the education industry. In fact, education majors have such a wide variety of subject area choices that a job in almost any area can be gained in the right situation. One should remember that if going into education, it is likely that some teaching will be involved in the future job.

However, the setting, age group, located, country, and salary can vary greatly. What type of educational area would be the best fit for your passions and interests? Learn more about a teaching degree online. Although most educators do not enter the profession just for the salary, it is something we all consider.

This tool will allow you to easily search and compare the average salaries of various careers in education throughout the United States. You can search by city and state. All salary data is sourced from BLS. An art teacher is one who educates students about the creation of art. Generally this means creating art in some type of classroom setting. Some art teachers will work within the school system, while others may teach students of various ages in a community center or other type of setting. Art teachers may also offer private lessons in some cases. If in the school system an art teacher may teach basic techniques, while at the higher levels art teachers are likely to focus in part on art history.

Art teachers have the option to work anywhere in the world in which a need exists. Biology teachers are most often found at the high school or college levels. This type of teacher can work in a private, public, charter, or online school to develop curricula that meets current educational standards.

Education Canada Network

This typically involves creating basic experiments, presenting lessons, and helping students carry out scientific investigations. In addition, biology teachers at the high school level may be required to give standardized testing, work with parents on student performance, and provide approved disciplinary actions if needed to modify student behavior.

Many teachers also serve as advisors to clubs and other organizations before and after school hours. A college professor is one that teaches mostly young adults in a given subject area at a private, public, or online school. A college professor is responsible for teaching the subject area in which they are trained, as well as guiding students in the right direction as far as completing a degree. Professors are also often responsible for writing recommendation letters for jobs, higher level educational programs, or even scholarships.

A professor must create tests, assignments, and projects that allow students to demonstrate knowledge in the given subject area and provide grades for each. In addition, professors may serve as advisors to clubs or organizations. An elementary school teacher is one that teaches in grades kindergarten through fifth in most cases.

Are special education teachers in demand?

Some states define elementary education from 1st through 5th grades. An elementary teacher typically only teaches one grade level at a time, but some programs have subject specific teachers who address numerous grade levels. Elementary teachers are required to plan for and educate students at the given grade level in a variety of subjects. These may include science, social studies, math, reading, writing, and other basic skills.

Career Paths in Teaching

Teachers must also work with other professionals and parents to ensure students are working to the expected levels for that age group. In addition, elementary teachers may be required to take part in some afterschool activities to provide a well-rounded education.

As an English teacher you are required to instruct and inform students in written, verbal, and spoken language. A strong knowledge base in writing, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and visual literacy is imperative. English teachers work at all levels, but are predominantly found from the sixth grade through college as teachers of solely English. Duties are likely to include testing, grading, student supervision, parental and peer meetings, and possibly curriculum development tasks. Salaries vary greatly from state to state and with educational levels.

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An ESL teacher or an English as a Second Language teacher, is responsible for teaching English to students who are not native speakers. There are typically specific requirements for ESL teachers for each school district, though a degree in ESL is often available. ESL teachers can work at any grade level within the school system and is responsible for all duties assigned to a typical teacher in addition to ESL activities.

ESL activities may include translation or simplification of assignments, communication with parents, and serving as an intermediary for students with other teachers as English language skills are improved. Larger cities are more likely to have multiple ESL teaching positions.

A high school teacher teaches in grade nine through twelve in the majority of schools in the United States. The actual grade levels may vary slightly depending on the state or district. High school teachers are usually only responsible for teaching a single subject or related subjects at either single or multiple grade levels. In addition they may be required to write recommendation letters for college, supervise extracurricular events, and complete daily basic teaching duties including grading, testing, and creating lesson plans. Salaries, as well as job availability for high school teachers vary greatly between and among school districts.

A history teacher is required to teach on topics related to various historical events and periods. At some levels, specific histories are required, such as state history, foreign history, or specific time periods and eras. A history teacher is responsible for student performance, meeting with parents, peers, and administration, testing, and in some cases, extracurricular activities. A history teacher at the college level may be required to teach in a certain area as well while offering students guidance and supervision on a larger scale. A kindergarten teacher teaches very young students who are typically aged five or six.

A kindergarten teacher is required to supervise, assess, test, and teach students the basic skills necessary to build all future education upon. A kindergarten teacher is required to teach basic math and literacy skills while also guiding students in emotional, physical, and mental development. Kindergarten teachers are often required to help with other activities that may include supervision duties, during lunch or recess, or activities that take place outside of normal school hours.

Kindergarten teachers need to be active and engaging in order to work with this age group. A mathematics teacher is responsible for teaching math skills to students at various levels. This is one teaching area in which all grade levels can be taught depending on the type of mathematics a person desires to teach.

Careers in Education

Teachers are required to teach both basic and upper level concepts in a manner that is age appropriate and clear for the group in which they are assigned. Math teachers need to teach, plan, test, assess, and encourage on the daily basis to help students succeed. A middle school teacher is most likely a teacher of a single subject in grade six through eight or a single subject in a particular grade in that range.

Some middle school teachers may also teach grades five or nine depending on the school district. A middle school teacher is expected to create lesson plans that encompass the standards for their subject area. Some middle school teachers have additional benefits in pay or student loan forgiveness for teaching in high need areas such as math and science. A Montessori teacher is unlike the traditional teachers that most people think of when educational environments come to mind.

This allows students to find their own knowledge over time.

Montessori teachers use practical, hands-on forms of guidance to allow children of all ages to discover their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This may mean preparing a meal by actually cooking, peeling, chopping, etc. Though Montessori teachers can be found at all levels, early childhood ages are the most likely groups to experience this type of teaching.

A music teacher is a teacher who teaches the basics of music theory and ability in various age groups.